We take care of all your A/C and heating needs: System checks, service agreements, system repairs, system replacement, new custom house installs, correction of air flow issues, repairs for home inspection reports of HVAC issues, air cleaners for allergy issues, ductwork, some attic fans, bathroom fans, etc.

INSPECTIONS –  Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s good to have your system inspected by an HVAC contractor so you’ll know the true condition of the system and ductwork (A home inspector only checks basic set-up and air temperature of any system).

TUNE-UPS – Our system check-ups are very thorough. We check all components as should be done to provide you with properly operating equipment to give you peak efficiency with less system issues saving you money and possibly major repairs.


ROUTINE MAINTENANCE –  We recommend a service agreement of routine maintenance as the seasons change providing you with a system that could have a longer life and lower monthly operating costs without having unexpected repairs. Along with these benefits you will receive priority service with 15% savings on all parts and labor. No worries about having to call us either since we will call you when it is that time of the year to have your system checked out. We know service contracts are not for everyone so we still offer our thorough system check-ups minus the 15% savings on all parts and labor.

REPAIRS – We take pride in being able to troubleshoot and repair what most companies would not want to. Whether it’s a service call for a repair or second opinion, we have you covered.


Whether it’s replacement of existing equipment or a complete new design, we know a box just isn’t a box. We follow the correct procedures of sizing and installing a system so it operates as it should per factory specifications. We all say we do this but not all end products are the same.


From a one system home to one with multiple systems, we can make sure the system meets all of your home’s needs. If your home has a room warmer than others or a colder area it is likely your original design was not done correctly. We can fix most of these issues or prevent this from happening with our new custom installations of ductwork, etc. when your home is being built.


AIR CLEANERS – Air cleaners can be installed in addition with your existing equipment or ductwork to help remove allergens, bacterias, etc. in your home to provide you with better air quality helping with air related issues.

HUMIDIFIERS – Personally, we don’t recommend them due to Arizona water issues of calcium build-up, etc. which could create water damage or mold issues in equipment and ductwork. Also, during the summer when the A/C is running, a humidifier works against the operation of the A/C (An A/C system not only cools your home but is a dehumidifier) creating the system to work harder.  If you are set on having a humidifier in your home, we recommend a stand-alone system.